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How it works?

ArtzCafe is based on a simple premise: Advanced analytics for the user. What this means is you tell us what art like and don't like, then we find more we think you will like.



Q: What is ArtzCafe?

A: ArtzCafe is designed as a mobile app to help consumers find art they are interested in. It may be thought of as a visual search engine.

Q: What type of art will you feature?

A: Given the mobile medium we are looking for original paintings. Basically 2-dimension art. Original art please, no reproductions of any kind.

Q: Will ArtzCafe always be free?

A: It is our intent that ArtzCafe will always be free to artists and consumers. However, we reserve the right to add advertising in the future.

Q: Will ArtzCafe be a site to sell art?

A: Absolutely not. When a customer finds art they like, they can click through directly to your web site. From then on we are not involved at all.

Q: What platforms is ArtzCafe available on?

A: ArtzCafe is presently designed for iOS platforms (iPhone and iPad). It is optimized for iPhone 6 and 6+. Work continues to improve the iPad experience and move to other platforms.

A: How accurate will the predictions be?

Q: ArtzCafe is being produced by Z Solutions, a long term provider of analytics consulting and developer of machine learning algorithms. Z Solutions will be providing proprietary state of the art techniques. The interest in this topic is based on the belief that understanding preferences in art may be hardest personalization problem of all - it should be fun and we would not be undertaking it if we did not think we would succeed.

For the Artist

Q: As an artist, why should I be interested in ArtzCafe?

A: ArtzCafe is a simple way to for artist to be discovered by potential clients. It is free and powerful and easy.

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Simply upload your art using our uploader tools and provide descriptive information including a title of the painting, dimensions, price, artist name and gallery location.

For the Art Consumer

Q: As an art consumer why should I be interested in ArtzCafe?

A: Consumer preferences are being collected and analyzed by marketers and analysts of all stripes. Primarily these seen to feed consumers a lot of advertising - often for a product you bought last week. With ArtzCafe we are starting to turn the tables, the preferences are used to develop prediction tools (called preference engines) to help the consumer, not the marketer. In this case the helping you find art you like. This whole business of collecting preferences and making predictions concerns me. What will you be able to tell about me? Because you have entered your preferences for art on ArtzCafe we will be able to tell you are smart, interesting, creative, funny, attractive, great person. Other than that, nothing.

Q: I have been asked to be an early tester. What does that mean? What is in it for me?

A: Early testers are needed to make sure the app functions as intended and to provide an early set of preferences for us to build our first models. For this you will have our eternal gratitude and the pleasure of watching the app grow and the prediction accuracy increase.


If you have questions or you want to provide feedback on app, contact us E-mail:

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